Established in 1998 by Anthony Mason, we sell wholesale & retail.  We stock the largest range of Bulldog Fireworks in the UK.  The Firework Shop is a market leader in the supply of great value fireworks, with a massive selection at great prices, we offer everything required to make any event a memorable and spectacular occasion.

Every firework we offer has been tested for safety and performance.  In addition to complying with the relevant British European & Standard, all fireworks have passed our own strict selection criteria and offer unbeatable performance and reliability.

Before a product makes it to our stocks we have viewed several samples and can therefore advise exactly what effects it will produce, how loud it is, whether it is suitable for your venue, and above all offer it in the confidence that it is the best firework of its type available.

Not only do we offer all the finest brands, but our delivery service is the envy of our competitors, allowing us to deliver your fireworks locally and quickly.

In addition to our range of self-fired fireworks we also offer a full professional display service. We offer everything from a small wedding display to a full scale corporate or celebrity event. 

Our family business is run by enthusiastic and knowledgeable pyro-technicians - we are passionate about pyro and love what we do. We are always pleased to offer free expert advice on any aspect of fireworks, from setting up your display, to how to fire it safely.  If you are interested in any displays or training for your own display please contact us by email at 

Bulldog Fireworks & Displays supply many brands including Bulldog, Night Star, Cosmic, & Firestar Fireworks.

British Standards
All Fireworks offered for sale by Bulldog Fireworks & Displays are tested to comply with BS EN 15947 (CE)

Registration & Weight Limitations 
Before the purchase of fireworks you are required under the Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations (MSER) to register or licence your premises. You can now register your premises for the storage of up to 250kg NEC. Registration and licensing can be obtained from your local issuing authority. 

The method by which you store the fireworks and the type of premises will have an effect on the total quantity you are able to keep. You should not automatically assume that your shop is suitable to store the maximum amount.

A copy of your registration or licence certificate must be provided to us before any delivery is planned.

Firework Regulations
The Department for Business Innovation & Skills, state;

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